Photo: Klaus von Matt


Photo: Klaus von Matt


Travel and Accommodation in Kostamuksha

Travel and Accommodation in Kostamuksha

Tours and travel packages can be reserved at Kostravel travel agency.

Tel. +7 (81459) 5-23-58

Service in the following languages: Russian

Kotiranta is a travel agency in Kostomuksha that offers services in Finnish and Russian languages. The agency organises guided tours, acquainting visitors with local attractions and services by prior arrangement.

Hotel Fregat is a cosy and low-price resort for tourists, holiday-makers, fishermen and hunters. Outstanding nature, fresh air and wilderness forests of Viena Karelia and its fish filled lakes offer a visitor unforgettable experiences in all seasons. 

Leo Gundyrev has a minivan, with which he can arrange trips for small groups (2-4 people). He can, in connection with transport, also arrange meals or accommodation in villages. He may also pick up tourists from Kuhmo and Kajaani.

Tel. +79212200197


Service in the following languages: Finnish, Russian