Photo: Klaus von Matt


Photo: Klaus von Matt


Field Trips

Field Trips

On his second field trip Lönnrot´s intention was to go to Viena Karelia, to the area where he knew that the folk poetry flourished. The trip, for which he had received a grant from the Finnish Literature Society, had sadly however to be postponed because the National Board of Medicine called upon him, like all physicians out of duty, to come to Helsinki to fight against the cholera epidemic spreading toward Finland.


Laukko 13. July - Helsinki 17. September 1832

Kajaani 9.9 - Kajaani 28.9.1833

Kajaani 13. April - Kajaani 30. April 1834

Kajaani 22. October - Kajaani 14. November 1834

Just after leaving the manuscript to be printed Lönnrot began to collect folk poetry to "supplement" the work. At the same time he wished to explore poem singing regions in Viena on the limits of the southern and eastern boarders.

Kajaani, early July - Kajaani mid September 1835

On his sixth trip, Lönnrot had already begun surveying the extent of poetry-singing. At that time, in 1835, he hoped to undertake, with support from the university, a far more extensive trip than any of his previous ones, but the plan fell through. In autumn of 1836, hereceived one year's leave of absence, which was extended to 14 months, in order to undertake an extensive field trip.

Kajaani 7 September - Helsinki, early December 1839